“Cristina is a wonderful instructor. She makes sure that I work within my capabilities and also challenges me which has helped greatly to re-establish my physical confidence. I feel very safe with her and she also allows classes to go at my pace when needed. She explains things well and makes exercises clear to understand and perform. She often follows up with me during the week to see how I am doing if there is something we are specifically addressing. Classes with Cristina are very encouraging and having her as my instructor has provided me withgreat results.”~  Lionel

“I knew about the Pilates method from my years of experience in the dance and figure skating domains, and that it was renowned for strengthening your core so I called Debra Butler to see if I could try it.  What I did not bargain on was receiving some of the best instruction I have ever had, falling in love with the unique equipment utilized, and becoming addicted to feeling good again…mentally and physically.   I feel alive, strong and have more balance.   Good-bye jelly belly, hello better posture.”~  Anonymous

“I feel like a completely different person – who knew that all this work could be so rewarding. Meg has taught me so much body awareness through the practice of Pilates. I can grow old with this and keep smiling!” ∼ Nancy G.

“Debra is an expert instructor who is brilliant because she works as hard as you do by being prepared with a custom designed workout for you.   There is never an opportunity to become bored because her workouts vary and so does the equipment she uses.”~ Paula D.

“Working with Cristina is great, she is always very aware of how we are moving so that we do not injure ourselves. She is very conscious of our injuries and our goals so she creates routines that support us. Every week is different, time flies and we have a lot of fun.”~  Alicia M

“I had a very difficult birthing process with my son, which resulted in prolapse and two years of physical therapy before I opted for surgery. I started working with Meg in order to strengthen my muscles both pre and post surgery, and my ability to move is amazing – I am in my mid 40’s and I feel like I can move again the way I did when I was in my early 20’s!” ∼ Carolina B

“I had my annual physical examination last week, and my doctor commented on how much my posture has improved since my last visit!”
~  Betsy E.

“I always look forward to my weekly Pilates sessions with Debra. She has really helped me find my core, which has immensely improved my posture and performance in other physical activities. I always leave my lessons feeling energized, stronger, and limber. A great way to start my day!”
~  D. M.

“When I left work today I was so exhausted but I went to Pilates class anyway knowing I’ll just collapse when I get home.  You said we should have lots of energy tonight so keep moving. I thought there’s no way. You were so right, after dinner I did two loads of laundry, cleaned out a refrigerator we are taking to my son this weekend and did some ironing. Pilates is amazing!”~ Evie G.

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