How often should I do PILATES?
The American Council on Exercising recommends moderate level exercising every day and doing PILATES 2-3 times per week can be a part of that programming.

What’s the difference between Private Lessons vs. Shared Lessons? Is one type of Lesson better than the other?
The major difference between the two is that one is a completely customized lesson plan  and the other is a lesson plan that’s somewhat “one size fits all” based on current teaching methodology. (Currently, I am primarily influenced by the teaching programs of Power Pilates and BASI Pilates.) However, as with everything in life… you get out what you put in. It seems as though some combination of both types of lessons works very well for most students.

I sincerely believe that mastery of the every aspect of the Pilates exercise repertoire is accomplished most readily by attending one-on-one private lessons. However, through experience I can say that certain personality types enjoy and do well with the camaraderie of other students. Sometimes the choice to attend a specific type of lesson is purely a decision based on logistics.

*Shared Lessons are not appropriate for complete new beginners or those who require highly modified variations of the fundamental exercise repertoire due to physical limitations. *

 What should I know before coming to my lesson?
It is advisable not to eat anything heavy for two to three hours before exercising. If you have an early morning lesson something light and easy to digest an hour before your lesson is advisable in order to keep your energy and blood-sugar levels from dropping too low. Wear comfortable exercise clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops, biking shorts, and tights/leggings. Avoid wearing very baggy clothes as they prevent me from seeing your body position making proper alignment more problematic to achieve . Please refrain from chewing gum during class. Footwear is unnecessary, but if you prefer your feet covered wearing socks is a good solution.  Please arrive 10-minutes early for your initial lesson to complete the paperwork component of the intake process.

 What if I need to cancel my session, or I am running late?
If you must cancel an appointment, please cancel as far in advance as possible so that your space may be used by another student. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice and missed appointments for any reason will be billed at the full fee. (This includes reservations in Shared Lessons.) If you have a standing appointment, inconsistent attendance will result in the loss of that time slot regardless of 24 hour notice.

All lessons are 50 minutes in length from the scheduled appointment time. Since I usually schedule appointments back-to-back, if you are running late you will be charged for the entire lesson and will receive the remainder of your lesson time only. I will do everything possible to accommodate you, but please understand that your lesson time cannot automatically be extended.

To book all lessons email pilatesfusioncenter@comcast.net or text 610-314-5407.

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