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Debra M. Butler is the owner and a teacher at the Pilates Fusion Center. Through a wide range of experiences she has cultivated diverse skills in the fields of fitness and dance for over 30 years. Those experiences include personal training, instructing group fitness,  and teaching dance classes while participating as a performer with a modern dance company.

After suffering a sports related overuse injury she was motivated to try PILATES because of its reputation as a “corrective” exercise method. Through her workouts she became stronger and more connected to her core. She also learned how improved awareness could help to correct some of the muscular imbalances which were the source of her injury.

Debra became certified through the PhysicalMind Institute to teach PILATES in 1999. Additional continuing educational training intensives were completed at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado in 2001, Power Pilates full apparatus certification in 2005, and participation in the “Passing the Torch” mentorship program with BASI Pilates in Costa Mesa, CA in 2011. Debra also completed the Bronze Level tier as a Certified Sports Conditioning Coach through the TWIST Sport Conditioning Program in 2012.

“I am committed to customizing the design of your program and I am dedicated educating you in the practice of bio-mechanically sound exercise form. I will constantly encourage and help you to improve your mind-body awareness and thereby maximize YOUR personal potential for physical excellence.”



Cristina N. Dalton is a recent transplant from Tucson, Arizona. Cristina started her movement career at a young age as a modern lyrical and ballet dancer. She continued to dance through early adulthood but also became intrigued by different types of movement for wellness. Her journey as an instructor started with yoga and running then gradually evolved to Pilates after being introduced to the discipline by her sister who is a Pilates teacher.

Cristina has over 20-years of professional experience as a teacher and dancer. She completed certification through Centerline Movement in Tuscon, Arizona in 2016. The Centerline Movement style is a comprehensive and rehabilitative system of Pilates that Cristina has found to be beneficial for everyone, from the avid athlete looking to improve their overall performance, to the the individual who is recovering from injuries, to the brand new beginner exerciser. She aspires to teach students how the healing power of movement can provide the basis for functional strength which in turn fuels the energy they need to be healthy and lead full lives.

“I am inspired by you, my students. I am passionate about learning creative ways to help you live a healthier life.  I bring a compassionate approach to my teaching but I promise that I will also constantly challenge you to stand taller, breath deeper and be completely present.”


Meg Farrugia is a STOTT and 360 Pilates trained instructor, and is also certified in TRX, TABATA boot camp, HIIT, XTend Barre, Above the Barre and On the Ball Training. She is  a certified Holistic Health Coach, and Advanced Sports Nutrition Adviser and is certified in “MenoFitness” which encompasses nutritional and fitness issues women face after the age of 45. Meg has taught in studios in North America, Europe and Hong Kong, specializing in institutional wellness, athletic training and sports performance. She is a competitive sailor, has completed many triathlons and enjoys almost any outdoor activity. She is also a Reiki Master and a firm believer in “the are of going slow” in this hectic world.

Meg discovered Pilates as a cross training tool when she was in her late 20’s and experiencing severe migraines as a result of the stress of an international corporate job coupled with a passion for extreme outdoor sports (weekend warrior syndrome: all power, no stretch or mindful approach to nutrition and recovery time after an event). Over the years she gravitated more and more into the wellness arena, ultimately phasing out her corporate career for that of helping others to develop positive lifestyle changes.

“I believe that what we practice in the studio is fundamentally rooted in making YOU even better in all aspects of your daily life. The Pilates method of conditioning is a brilliant way to strengthen and lengthen your lifestyle in ways that will allow you to achieve so much more.”

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