The Pilates Fusion Center is a private exercise studio offering individualized Pilates-based exercise programming. The studio is located at 443 Hockessin Corner, Hockessin, Delaware. Lessons utilize the complete repertoire of classical Pilates apparatus plus a carefully edited selection of complementary exercise equipment.

The BENEFITS of a customized Pilates-based exercise program:

  • guidance by a highly trained certified teacher with an experienced “EYE” which ensures exercises are performed safely
  • motivation through enjoyment: exercises feel good and lessons never get boring – the Pilates repertoire includes 100’s of variations
  • improved postural awareness overall which significantly reduces some of the negative impacts of the aging process
  • personal attention to ensure your exercise experience will be focused on helping you achieve optimal results based on your needs and goals whether you are a fitness veteran, skilled athlete, or brand new beginning exerciser.

Every lesson will systematically incorporate strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and agility training to aid the progression of your overall health and fitness level.

To book all lessons email pilatesfusioncenter@comcast.net or text 610-314-5407.

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